Aster Natural Clay Samples, Pack of 5 , 20 gms each

Inclusive of all

Pack of 5 powerful clay masks (20 gms each) , handmade, No chemicals and preservatives, resealable zip lock .Great assortment for natural healing clay for, face masks, Soap making, and other products including lotion, scrubs, bath fizzes, and soaks. The cosmetic clay sample set includes 5 types of clay:

Benefits :

  • Purple clay -Exfoliates impurities and dead skin cells Reduces signs of Anti-ageing Lightens spots, scars and pigmentation
  • Pink clay-Tones and tightens skin Softens and makes skin supple Deep cleanser and blemish preventer Calms and soothes skin Hydrates skin
  • French pink clay-Removes excess oil and dirt from face Exfoliates dead skin cells Tones and firms skin Calms and soothes skin Reduces inflammation
  • Hibiscus clay- Tones and tightens skin Exfoliates and reduces pigmentation Lightens skin tone Anti-ageing benefits Calms and soothes skin. Charcoal clay -Absorbs toxins from your skin Closes open pores Treat acne and blackheads Is an effective and antibacterial Balances excess oil secretion

Directions to use:

Add few drops of any or combination of rose water, water, aloevera gel to get a non-runny paste. Apply the mixture on face and let it dry 10-15 minutes. Do not let the mask dry completely. Wash the paste with the lukewarm water.