Sandalwood, turmeric and almond soap

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Sandal wood, turmeric and almond soap

Specially formulated for a healthy and clear skin, this soap from Aster assures you a refreshing feel. Cooling and Calming. Enjoy the cooling and calming effect that this soap lends you after you bathe with it. Antiseptic Properties.

This soap has goodness of Sandal wood, turmeric, almond, Vitamin E oil and pepper mint and vanilla essential oils. The soap is also made in shea butter, goat milk and glycerine essential oil.

1-Sandalwood as an ingredient in soap helps in exfoliating dirt-impurities and clogged pores.

2- Sandal wood brightens complexion, lightens fine lines and rejuvenates skin cells for a soft and glowing skin.

3- Almond make skin, acne-free and pimple-free skin but also maintain the softness of your skin and act as anti-ageing beauty secret!

4- Almonds are rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins which nourish your skin and, keep it soft and supple.

5- Vanilla and peppermint essential oil with freshen up your skin and light your mood

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