Aster activated charcoal Detox bathing soap

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Aster activated charcoal soap is made with activated charcoal clay, glycerine, tea tree oil and great for detoxifying skin, providing a deep cleanse of face and body and provide hydration to skin. The soap is 100% handmade, vegan, cruelty free and parabene and sulphate free. This pack includes two soap with weight of 65 gms each.


• Natural glycerine handmade soap with activated charcoal clay and aloe vera oil. The soap in handmade.

• The main ingredient, activated charcoal acts as a magnet to absorb oil and dirt and functions as a deep cleanser.

• Soap has Aloe vera essential oil, which fights acne and has medicinal properties.

• Anti-Acne, Anti-Tan soap, extracts excess oil and dirt from deep skin tissue

• Shea butter in soap is great for providing moisturization during shower

• Suitable for All Types of Skins (Including Sensitive)

• Made with no nasty chemicals, cruelty free and use natural botanicals.

• Paraben and Sulphate free

• For all skin types

• Eco friendly packaging


Glycerine, Shea butter, activated charcoal clay, peppermint, tea tree oil, reetha (Soap nut), castor oil and vitamin E

Directions to use:

Wet the soap and form a good lather. Massage lather on face and body. Store soap and dry place after bath. Use a sustainable loofah for a great lather.