Aster Natural Ubtan soap, Pack of two

Inclusive of all

Aster Ubtan face and body soap with goodness of glycerine,gram flour (besan), sandalwood, rice, orange powder,turmeric, oats almond and rose oll. Ubtan soap provides a great exfoliating bath to skin and removes tanning, dead skin cells, uneven complexion and dirt from skin. This soap would be l;oved by people who are natural skincare fanatics.The soap is 100% handmade, vegan, cruelty free and paraben and sulphate free. The pack includes two soap, 120 gms each.


  •  Glycerine based soap makes skin healthier, glowing, smooth and flexible. Glycerine is one of the best moisturizers on the skin. Since glycerine has Humectant’s properties, it retains water inside the skin
  • Unique ayurvedic mixture of gram flour, turmeric, sandalwood, oats, rice, turmeric, almond and orange powder, provides a cleanses bath and deeply exfoliates and nourishes the skin. It reduces body tanning, uneven skin tone, blemish, dead skin of body and brightens the overall complexion.
  •  Rose essential oil- Rose essential oil is also added to soap which evens skin tones, reduces blemishes and brightens complexion. Moreover, the aroma relaxes the mind and body an provide an amazing refreshing bath.100% Natural steam distilled, therapeutic grade essential oil. This enriches your soap and assists in calming and relaxing skin.
  •  Made with no nasty chemicals, cruelty free and use natural botanicals.
  •  Paraben and Sulphate free
  •  For all skin types
  •  Eco friendly packaging



Glycerine, gram flour, turmeric, oats, sandal wood, rice, almond, orange powder, almonds, roseoil,


Directions to use:


Wet the soap and form a good lather. Massage lather on face and body. Store soap and dry place after bath. Use a sustainable loofah for a great lather.