Aster herbal hair mask

Inclusive of all

Aster herbal hair mask (40 GMS) enriched with Amla, hibiscus, Methi, Bhringraj, natural hair pack, scalp cleanse and improved hair texture, No Parabens and sulphate, All hair type

  • Age old herbal formulae with home remedies that will deep cleanse your scalp and strengthens roots and strands of your hair
  •  This herbal powder-based mask is made with 7 amazing “super plants” and “super food” that are have proven efficacy for all hair concerns
  •   Hair mask includes Amla, hibiscus flower, hibiscus leaf, reetha, methi, aloevera, curry leaves and bhringraj.
  •   Benefits of herbal hair mask includes: strengthening of roots, hair conditioning, root cleanse, premature hair greying, improvement in hair texture and healthy growth of hair
  •  This product is paraben and sulphate free
  •  For all hair types
  •   Cruelty free