Doughnut Soap

Inclusive of all

Doughnut soaps, Natural soap, Paraben, SLS free soap, glycerine and shea butter soap, (Pair of 2), Party favours.

  1. These adorable doughnut soaps are great to uplift child’s mood during shower.
  2. As per our research, almost 98% of the kids were motivated to take shower because of these soaps.
  3. Also, we have ensured that these soaps are Paraben and SLS free.
  4. Therefore, these soaps will not strip natural oils from skin and retain moisture of skin.
  5. The shea butter and glycerine in the soap also provide extra layer of hydrations.
  6. The cute shape along with fragrance gives a great bathing experience.
  7. Also, these soaps are long lasting as compared with other soaps.
  8. Also, these soaps are great party favours.

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