Astrid Aloevera gel and hydrating Jasmine and Aloe mist

Inclusive of all

 Astrid Aloevera gel and hydrating Jasmine and Aloe mist, Pure Aloevera, Vitamin E and Glycerine, hydrating toner, No Parabens and sulphate


  • Combo includes Aloevera gel (100 GMS) and Jasmine and Aloevera mist (100 ML) to beat Indian summers and keep your skin hydrates all time.
  • Aloevera fight visible signs of ageing; Humectant properties reduces dry skin; shaving and Razor burn; Supports skin regeneration; Sun burn; Reduces inflammation; Skin Cleanser; reduces pimples; Prevents hair loss and hair greying
  • Hydrates skin thoroughly and good for all skin types. Great for daily usage
  • Pure Jasmine (Mogra) and Aloevera floral water actively brightens, soothes and evens out skin tone while maintaining an optimal pH balance.
  • Jasmine and Aloe water is made with handpicked Indian Mogra (Jasmine).
  • The botanical formula hydrates the skin and prevents it from pigmentation and ageing.
  • It can be used as a toner post cleansing to maintain pH balance of skin
  • Both the products are free from artificial colour
  • Free from chemicals, parabens and sulphate free


  • Aloe vera includes aloevera gel, glcerine and Vitamin E.
  • The Jasmine and Aloevera mist is made with steam distillation process and handpicked Jasmine and Aloevera is used for making floral mist.