Astrid Foaming Face Wash with Coffee(150 ML)

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Astrid Foaming Face Wash with Coffee, Orange peel oil, Aloe Vera |For Glowing Skin | For Gentle Cleansing | For all skin Types | Sulphate free | 100% Vegan Coffee fragrance |150 ML.

  • Foaming Face wash for daily use. Pump bottle makes effective foam that converts 100% of the product to foam and the product lasts longer than normal face wash.
  • Product is gentle for daily use and could be used multiple times in a day.
  • The face wash is mild on skin and doesn’t strip natural oils and retains moisture in skin.
  • Contains Coffee extracts which are great for gentle cleansing and the natural aroma refreshes skin and rejuvenates the mood.
  • Contains Aloe Vera that improves hydration and skin elasticity.
  • Orange peel oil is a natural source of Vitamin C, it brightens, boost collagen production and gives a natural glow.
  • Vitamin E oil retains the moisture in skin, lightens the dark spots and evens out the skin.
  • A Paraben and Sulphate free formulae that contains Sodium Cocoyl isethionate and Cocyl Glucoside (Coconut derived surfactant) that is a gentle surfactants that cleanse without drying.
  • A 100% vegan foaming face wash that’s suitable for all skin types.
  • Product is FDA approved and manufactured in a FDA and WHO GMP (Good manufacturing practices) approved facility.